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850 Degree Celcius Protective Atmosphere Continuous Brazing Furnace for Heaters

Product Details:
Place of Origin: Shenzhen, China
Brand Name: WONDERY
Certification: CE
Model Number: WDL26-40
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Set
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: nude package duly fixed inside the container; suitable for sea transportation
Delivery Time: 60 Days
Supply Ability: 200 Set/Sets per Year
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Detail Information

Name: Furnace Brazing Equipment Working Temperature: 850 Degree Celcius
Application: Copper Heaters Mesh Belt Speed: 100-700mm
Power: 180kw Atmosphere: Decomposed Ammonia

Product Description

850 Degree Celcius Protective Atmosphere Continuous Brazing Furnace for Heaters


1. Summary


The continuous brazing furnace is mainly used for continuous brazing production of various silver, copper, and aluminum parts.

The surface of the product is bright after being treated by the equipment, without oxidation and decarburization,

and the brazing seam is full.


The brazing oven has the advantages of novel design, reasonable structure, high energy saving and high heat efficiency, stable production quality, safe and convenient use. The CAB continuous brazing furnace is easy to operate and has no industrial pollution. Advanced temperature control mode, using intelligent temperature control instrument, intelligent SCR, Schneider Electric switch.The accuracy of temperature control is ± 2℃. It is advanced, reliable, practical and economical.


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2. Main Technical Parameters of CAB furnace 

2.1 Overall dimension of furnace body: 26000*2100*3100mm (L,W,H);

2.2 effective preheating zone: 6500*400*500mm (L,W,H);

2.3 effective heating zone: 4050*400*500mm(L,W,H);

2.4 effective cooling zone: 11600*400*500mm (L,W,H);

2.5 maximum design temperature: 1000 ℃;

2.6 brazing temperature:850 ℃;

2.7 total power: 180kW;

2.8 temperature control area: 9-zone temperature control, single-phase control heating, convenient parameters setting, and temperature control accuracy at ± 1℃.

2.9 The conveyor belt (100-700mm) is of stepless speed regulation. The high temperature muffle tank is made of imported (Sweden 310S) high temperature resistant stainless steel material pressed and reinforced by ribs. The thickness of muffle tank steel plate is 8mm and the cold state pressure is 1.0 MPa.

2.10 High temperature resistance wire (0cr27al7m02) is used as heating element material, and aluminum oxide tube is used as resistance wire framework.The heating elements are arranged in a way that is easy to repair and replace, and the process of resistance wire replacement does not affect production operation.

2.11 Cooling method: water jacket cooling. The cooling water jacket is made of high quality boiler plate with thickness of 6 mm.

2.12 High quality K-type high temperature thermocouple is used.

2.13 The electric furnace is equipped with over temperature alarm, over temperature power-off and other functions.

2.14 The gas path has flowmeter display and control, and the inlet device can adjust the direction of protective gas.

2.15 Mesh belt specification: length 55000 mm, width 360 mm. Through wire: 4.0mm (310S); weaving wire: 3.0mm(310S). Herringbone pattern.

2.16 mesh belt speed:100-700mm;

2.17 application:red copper brazing;


aluminum brazing furnace/continuous brazing furnace/aluminum brazing furnace/furnace brazing equipment 


3. Ammonia decomposing device, 1 set

3.1 ammonia decomposition model: WDL-50

3.2 total power: 70kw;

3.3 rated voltage: 380V, three-phase.

3.4 rated frequency: 50 Hz.

3.5 rated temperature: 950 ℃

3.6 Working temperature: 800 - 850 ℃

3.7 decomposition capacity: 50m 3/h;

3.8 2orking pressure: 0.02-0.04mpa;

3.9 heating power of purifier: 6kW / piece * 2 pieces;

3.10 working temperature of purification unit: normal temperature

3.11 Gas purity:

Purified gas: (75% H2, 25% N2)

Dew point ≤ - 60 ℃

Residual ammonia ≤ 5ppm

3.12 The decomsition device is made of high quality SUS310S high temperature resistant stainless steel pipe with a thickness of 4 mm.

3.13 The material of electric heating element is high temperature resistance wire. The heating element is installed by pulling plug type, which is convenient for maintenance and replacement. The process of resistance wire replacement does not affect the production operation.

3.14 The complete decomposition of 1kg liquid ammonia can produce 2.62m3 hydrogen nitrogen gas mixture.



aluminum brazing furnace/continuous brazing furnace/furnace brazing equipment 


850 Degree Celcius Protective Atmosphere Continuous Brazing Furnace for Heaters 0

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