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Tilting Trolley Type Bogie Hearth Furnace Efficient For High Manganese Cast Parts

Tilting Trolley Type Bogie Hearth Furnace Efficient For High Manganese Cast Parts

Tilting Trolley Type Bogie Hearth Furnace Efficient For High Manganese Cast Parts
Tilting Trolley Type Bogie Hearth Furnace Efficient For High Manganese Cast Parts

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Product Details:
Place of Origin: Jiangsu, China (Mainland)
Brand Name: WONDERY
Certification: ISO CERTIFICATE
Model Number: RT2F-140-11
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Set
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: nude package or steel case package, suitable for sea transportation
Delivery Time: 60 Days
Supply Ability: 100 Set/Sets per Year
Detailed Product Description
Name: Bogie Hearth Furnace Effective Size: 1500×1500×1000mm
Furnace Type: Bogie Hearth Furnace For Heat Treatment Rated Temperature: 1150℃
Normal Working Temperature: 1050-1070℃ Heating Element: 0Cr27AL7Mo2
High Light:

electric resistance furnace


energy saving furnace

Tilting Trolley Type Bogie Hearth Furnace Efficient For High Manganese Cast Parts 



The electrical bogie hearth furnace is mainly used for heat treatment of high - manganese steel,

chromium steel and other metal parts.


Main Technical Parameters

No. Item Technical Parameters
1 Rated power 140Kw+5% (1-100%) adjustable
2 Power supply 380V, 3P, 50Hz
3 Rated temperature


(normal working temperature:1050-1070℃)

4 Empty furnace temperature rise speed ≤2hours to reach 900℃
5 Control zone 1 zone
6 Effective working size 1500×1500×1000mm(L×W×H)
7 Heating element connection
8 Temperature uniformity ≤±10℃
9 Temperature measurement accuracy ±2℃
10 Empty furnace power consumption ≤18%
11 Temperature control method SCR; PID regulator; Guolong temperature controller with overtemperature alarm;
12 furnace surface temperature rise <45℃ + room temperature
13 Heating element 0Cr27AL7Mo2 (strip)
14 Bogie hearth plate ZG40Cr24Ni7SiN, total thickness 30mm
15 Loading method Product loaded on the bogie, and then bogie moves into the furnace
16 Lining High temperature refractory fiber
17 Furnace door opening method Electrically lifted up-down, spring compression mechanism
15 Bogie moving method By the reducer
16 Bogie driving power 1.5KW cycloidal pin wheel reducer
17 Tilting method Hydraulic tilting
18 Tilting angle ≤45 degree
19 Bogie hearth furnace configuration One set of Bogie hearth, one set of furnace door and one set of tilting mechanism


Structural Introduction

The bogie hearth furnace is mainly comprised of furnace body, lining, furnace door and door

compression system, bogie, heating element, hydraulic tilting system, and temperature control system.


a) furnace body

The furnace body steel structure is made from 8-10# sectional steel and ≥3mm steel plates. The side pillar and back pillars are made from sectional steel, and are reinforced with sectional steel bracings. The external wall of the furnace is painted with 2 layers of primers, and 2 layers of coating paint. The key part of the furnace is painted with heat resistant paint. The furnace door is made of 16mm channel steel and 6mm steel plate.



b) lining

The furnace body is built with an all-fiber system. The lining material used is quality high alumina refractory fiber fixed by round steel parts. The aluminum fibers are pre-compressed into blocks (compression gravity: ≥230Kg/m3 ) and then fixed to the furnace body by round stainless steel parts. This refractory lining structure has the advantages of low heat conductivity, strong anti-shock capacity, and anti-erosion. The lining has a total thickness of 350mm. The silicate aluminum fiber resists a maximum temperature of 1250℃. The round steel fixation parts are made of 304 stainless steel.


c) furnace door and door up-down system

The furnace door is comprised of all-fiber lining and steel structure casing. The door frame is made of 10mm steel plate and 8# sectional steel. The door is built with high alumina refractory fiber blocks same as that for the furnace body. The overall structure of the furnace maintains its shape while heated. The door edge is made of 10mm steel plate to ensure the strength of the door.

Driving method of door: The furnace door is electrically lifted up along with a spring compression mechanism.


d) bogie

The bogie is comprised of bogie frame, wheels, refractory bricklaying body, ZG40Cr24Ni7SiN heat resistant bogie hearth plate, heating elements, and bogie driving mechanism.

bogie structure: the bogie frame is made from 12# beam and 10mm steel plates. The bogie could work for a long time without deformation at full load.

wheel: The wheels are made from ZG55# steel casting. The transmission shaft is made from 45# steel, and it is heat treated. The transmission bearing is of the heavy type pillar bearing to bear the weight. There are a total of 2 pairs of wheels, and each wheel is of diameter 240mm.

bricklaying body: The bogie is built with a combination of high alumina refractory bricks, light refractory bricks, and heat preservation bricks. The bricklaying body of the bogie has heating elements installation slot for easy installation of the heating elements. The impacted parts and weight bearing area are bricked especially with heavy type high aluminum refractory bricks. There is also free space left for the refractory lining expansion when heated.

bogie hearth plate: 30mm thick ZG40Cr24Ni7SiN heat resistant steel casting part with working temperature≤1200℃. It can prevent scales from falling into the heating elements slot which would form a short circuit.

bogie moving mechanism: The bogie has a self-moving method. The reducing gear drives the bogie wheel to move. The bogie movement is smooth and stable.

Sealing among furnace door, furnace body and bogie: Sealing between the furnace door and the furnace body is through a compression hand wheel. The sealing between the bogie and the furnace body is through the abnormal-shape bricks and fiber blocks. When the door is closed, there is a second sealing by the aluminum fibers which contact tightly with the furnace door.


3.5 heating element

heating element: The 0Cr27AL7Mo2 resistance spiral-shape alloy resistance strips. The resistance strips are produced through special molds, and are installed in the furnace wall by porcelain nails. And there is a porcelain gasket between the fiber wall and the resistance strips to avoid short-circuit. There is 1 heating zone. All lead-out conductor bars are made of φ16 0Cr25AL5 material.


e)  hydraulic tilting system


The electrical bogie hearth furnace has tilting function. The front end of the bogie is installed with one hydraulic station.

The oil cylinder is installed under the bogie. The furnace body is installed with a safety device, which can avoid falling into the quenching tank due to a big tilting angle.


f) electrical control system

Temperature control: the furnace adopts Shanghai Guolong intelligent temperature controller to control the temperature which has self-tuning function to calculate the ideal PID parameter and achieve a temperature stability. The temperature controller has the functions of over-temperature alarm and thermal couple breakage protection.

The furnace has 1 temperature control zone for controlling the linkage between the temperature and the motor movements. Each zone is set with an over-temperature alarm.

Each heating zone is independently controlled for start and stop.

The control actuation system is a large-power triggering one complete with a radiator and an air cooling system. There is also an air switch. The heating loop is equipped with ammeter, voltmeter, heating element on-off indicator, power-on interlock protection, and safe earthing measures.

Movement control: The control system mainly controls the bogie in-out movement. Also the movements are necessarily linked to ensure the operation safety.


Supply Scope

No. Item Q’ty Notes
1 Furnace body 1 set  
2 Bogie 1 set Including bogie hearth plate
3 Hydraulic system 1set Including the oil cylinder and the oil pipe
3 Electrical driving system 1 set 1 set for bogie and 1 set for door
4 Heating element 1 set Resistance strip
5 Temperature control system 1 set  
6 Control cabinet 1pc


7 Guolong temperature controller 1pc  
8 SCR 3pcs  
9 Compensation lead wire 20m  
10 Thermal couple 1 pc 0-1200
11 Electrical components 1 set SCR, air switch, ammeter, voltmeter, heat relay, and switches



Components Origin

No. Item Origin
1 Temperature controller Guolong, Shanghai
2 SCR Weisite, Jiangsu
3 Resistance strip SHOUGANG, Beijing
4 Heat preservation material Minye, Shandong
5 Reducer Huibang, Changzhou, China
6 Electrical components CHINT/DELIXI
7 Hearth plate Jianda, Xinghua, China
8 Hydraulic system Customized



Picture of Tilting type trolley bogie hearth furnace

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