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Motor Winding Vacuum Pressure Impregnation Equipment 1600×2000 Mm

Motor Winding Vacuum Pressure Impregnation Equipment 1600×2000 Mm

Motor Winding Vacuum Pressure Impregnation Equipment 1600×2000 Mm
Motor Winding Vacuum Pressure Impregnation Equipment 1600×2000 Mm Motor Winding Vacuum Pressure Impregnation Equipment 1600×2000 Mm

Large Image :  Motor Winding Vacuum Pressure Impregnation Equipment 1600×2000 Mm

Product Details:
Place of Origin: Jiangsu, China (Mainland)
Brand Name: WONDERY
Certification: CE
Model Number: FGH-1600
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Set
Price: Negotiable
Delivery Time: 90 Days
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T
Supply Ability: 100 Set/Sets per Year
Detailed Product Description
Name: Vacuum Pressure Impregnation Tank Specification: Φ1600×2000mm
Head: Q235-B Tank Body: Q235-B
Working Vacuum: ≤ -0.095 MPa Warranty: 12 Months
High Light:

Motor Winding Vacuum Pressure Impregnation Equipment


Vacuum Pressure Impregnation Equipment 1600×2000 mm


corrosion resistant Vacuum Pressure Impregnation machine

Professional Factory Made motor winding vacuum pressure Impregnation Equipment

1. Application

The vacuum impregnation equipment is used to carry

out the vacuum impregnation treatment of motor parts. 


Motor Winding Vacuum Pressure Impregnation Equipment 1600×2000 Mm 0


2. Equipment Composition

2.1 vacuum pressure impregnation equipment tank.

2.1.1 vacuum pressure impregnation machine specification:Φ1600×2000mm

(effective height);

Materials used:

a) head: Q235-B (standard ball filling head is adopted)

b) tank body: Q235-B

c) flange: Q235-B forging.The varnish vacuum impregnation machine

mouth flange is formed of solid steel plate, and the mouth

flange is fine machined, which is not easy to deform.


2.1.2Working vacuum: - 0.095 MPa, installation form: vertical.

2.1.3 Sight glass specification: Φ160×100mm, 2 pcs for the tank;

2.1.4 Sealing material: rubber sealing ring, corrosion resistant.

2.1.5 Resin return mothod: return from the bottom.

2.1.6 Opening method: hydraulic opening and closing.

2.1.7 The cylinder cover is opened hydraulically, and its return signal

is through a non-contact proximity switch.

2.1.8 The opening angle of the tank cover is that the top point after opening

the cover is projected downward beyond the inner wall of the tank body.

After the tank cover is opened, the workpiece hoisting will not be affected.

2.1.9 Vpi impregnation adopts corrosion-resistant sealing ring

(self-developed and produced), which is well sealed without leakage.

The tank cover is provided with a sealing ring slot corresponding to the

flange of the motor vacuum impregnation body. The observation window is equipped with

a special sight lamp, which can see the whole process of impregnation of motor windings.

2.2 Resin storage system

2.2.1 resin storage tank, Φ1500×2200mm (effective resin storage height), 1 pc;

Materials used:

① head: Q235-B (standard ball filling head is adopted)

② tank body: Q235-B

2.2.2 Working vacuum ≤ -0.095 MPa, installation form: vertical.

2.2.3 resin filtration system, 1 set.

2.2.4 One set of liquid level indicator and observation window shall be set.

2.2.5 The tank bottom is provided with an insulating resin viscosity measuring

sampling port, and the pipeline is connected with the vacuum pump of the resin

impregnation tank and the resin filter.The liquid level indication can help the

user to store resin according to the amount of resin used.Through the resin

filtration system, the secondary filtration of insulating resin can improve the

impregnation efficiency and improve the quality of motor products.

2.3 Vacuum system

2.3.1 The vacuum pump consists of 1 set of 2x-70 vacuum pump.

2.3.2 The design vacuum is -0.1 MPa and the working vacuum is -0.095 MPa.

2.3.3 Motor power: 5.5kW, water cooling, mechanical seal.

2.3.4 Maximum pumping speed of vacuum unit: 70L/S.

2.3.5 As our factory adopts new vacuum technology, the unit has the advantages

of fast pumping speed, stable vacuum degree and good sealing.

2.4 Vacuum buffer system

2.4.1 One vacuum buffer tank with blowdown valve at the bottom.

2.4.2 A vacuum buffer tank is set in front of the vacuum unit.

2.4.3 The condensable gas in the pumped gas is buffered to protect the normal

operation of the vacuum pump.

2.5 resin filtration system

2.5.1 resin filtration system, 1 set.

2.5.2 Through the resin filtering system, the insulating resin is filtered to

improve the resin impregnation efficiency and improve the quality of

motor products.

2.6 Resin return system

2.6.1. Vacuum differential pressure resin return mode is adopted

2.6.2. The valve is a manual vacuum stainless steel ball valve.

2.6.3. The sealing parts at the flange connection of resin return pipeline and

valve shall have sufficient strength, corrosion resistance, rubber sealing

materials, etc.

2.6.4. Pipes, flanges and fasteners are standard products.

2.7 hydraulic system

2.7.1 It is composed of hydraulic station, hydraulic control valve, overflow valve,

pipeline, high-pressure oil cylinder, throttle valve, hydraulic lock, gear oil pump,

oil filter, liquid level gauge, pressure gauge, solenoid valve, high-pressure pipeline, etc;

2.7.2. Function: open and close the resin impregnation tank. With anti descent

function and adjustable speed.

2.7.3. Design pressure 16MPa, working pressure ≤ 12MPa.

2.8 Cooling water pipeline system

2.8.1.Cooling circulating water tank, water pump, valve and pipeline.

2.8.2. Complete the cooling of the vacuum machine.

2.9 Control system

2.9.1. 1 control cabinet (plastic spraying treatment on the surface and

centralized control).

2.9.2. The control is button operation control.

2.9.3. The power supply of the equipment adopts AC380V, 50Hz three-phase four

wire system, and the main electrical components are of quality brands such as

DELIXI and CHINT brand. All main equipment and wires are made of high-quality

brand products to ensure safety and reliability.

2.9.4. When the impregnation tank is not opened or closed in place, the hydraulic

station cannot be started and the hydraulic station cannot work.

2.9.5. Have necessary mechanical and electrical safety interlocking devices to

prevent human misoperation.

2.10 Accessories

Product instruction manual (operation process, repair, maintenance, precautions,

troubleshooting, etc.), process flow diagram, circuit diagram, product standard

name, accessories (sealing ring), and electrical schematic diagram.


3. commissioning and warranty

3.1. The buyer shall be responsible for the installation and commissioning of

products while the supplier provides online technical support.

3.2. All kinds of installed materials, elbows, connecting pipes, standard parts,

gaskets, etc.

3.3. The vacuum impregnation of electrical windings

is warranted for 13 months from the date of shipment.



4.Warranty:The machine is warranted for 13 months starting from the day of

arrival at the buyer’site.Easy worn parts are not included in the warranty.


5.Machine color: required by the buyer or based on the standard skyblue color.

The protection area is painted with a different color.



The buyer is not allowed to pass the technical documents to a third party without

permission of the seller.


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