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Hydraulic Pipe Automatic Bending Machine Motorcycle Parts Oil Electric Hybird Servo

Hydraulic Pipe Automatic Bending Machine Motorcycle Parts Oil Electric Hybird Servo

Hydraulic Pipe Automatic Bending Machine Motorcycle Parts Oil Electric Hybird Servo
Hydraulic Pipe Automatic Bending Machine Motorcycle Parts Oil Electric Hybird Servo Hydraulic Pipe Automatic Bending Machine Motorcycle Parts Oil Electric Hybird Servo

Large Image :  Hydraulic Pipe Automatic Bending Machine Motorcycle Parts Oil Electric Hybird Servo

Product Details:
Place of Origin: Jiangsu, China (Mainland)
Brand Name: WONDERY
Certification: CE
Model Number: CNC38RES
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Set/Sets
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: wooden case suitable for sea transportation
Delivery Time: 45 working days
Supply Ability: 100 Set/Sets per Year
Detailed Product Description
Name: Pipe Bending Machine Warranty: 12 Months
Power: 11kw Bending Angle: 190 Degree
Bending Radius: 30-200mm Machine Weight: 2200kg
High Light:

hydraulic pipe Automatic Bending Machine


190 degree Automatic Bending Machine


30mm Automatic Bending Machine

Motorcycle Parts Oil Electric Hybird Servo Pipe Automatic Bending Machine , hydraulic pipe bending machine




The pipe bending machine is driven by the 3- axis electric servo. The above 3 -axis electric servo drive, combined

with the servo corner of the precision trolley, the bending accuracy is 0.05°, and the feeding accuracy is 0.01mm.

The use of electric servo drive avoids the defect that the precision of ordinary pipe bending machines is affected by

oil temperature, and is suitable for high-load and mass production. The pipe bending machine is widely used for

bending pipes of diffrent materials for auto industry, motorcycle industry, and other manufacturing sectors. 


2.CNC pipe bender function description

1 This three-dimensional numerical control pipe bending machine has a highly rigid mechanical structure design and precision technology level that conforms to the principles of dynamic mechanics. With both structural strength, the concise design of the curved hand and bending head provides the maximum pipe bending space, minimizing the interference range of the machine. Equipped with an automated program control system, it can ensure that difficult steel pipe bending operations can easily meet the dual requirements of mass production and high precision.
2 This machine is a hybrid hydraulic and electric servo pipe bender, which avoids the accuracy problem of the C-axis pipe bending caused by the increase in hydraulic oil temperature, greatly improving the accuracy of the bending workpiece, saving time, manpower, and space.

With Y (feeding), B (rotary tube), C (bent tube) three-axis electric servo drive.

Y (feeding) axis Mitsubishi servo motor and driver

B (rotary tube) axis Mitsubishi servo motor and driver

C (bent pipe) axis Mitsubishi servo motor and driver

4 The C-axis (pipe bend) is driven by a servo drive, combined with a high-rigidity RV reducer transmission design, which has the advantages of simple machine head, small bending interference, high rigidity, long service life, high precision, high output power, energy saving and good controll.
5 Through dynamic mechanical analysis, the molding design of the machine head is characterized by integrated structure, high rigidity, firmness, and stability. It can easily ensure high bending accuracy without shaking during operation
6 The upper and lower floating clamping mold design can avoid interference and provide maximum elbow space.
7 All circuit signal lines and electrical assemblies are equipped with modular plugs and numbered plates for easy replacement and maintenance
8 With a slow core withdrawal function, it can set the withdrawal time after the core penetration in the tube according to the program, which can avoid the tube appearance protrusion caused by the fixed position of the core penetration in the tube, and improve the appearance quality of the pipe fittings.
9 Equipped with a standard guided mold auxiliary pushing device, designed with pressure and speed adjustment knobs, which can be easily adjusted to meet the needs of bending pipes, making difficult bending work easy.
10 For the spindle and movable sliding seat of the head pipe clamping system, an oil injection hole lubrication device is installed, which can set an automatic lubrication cycle in the program, extending the service life of the machine and maintaining stable performance.

It has a movable standard kick start switch and an emergency stop button.

Separate independent controller (station) with fan air conditioner.

12 The pipe bending machine equipped with a hydraulic oil air cooling system to ensure that the working oil temperature is within the standard and the machine can operate stably. (No need for external cooling towers or pipelines)
13 The oil pump and solenoid valve adopt the international standard Japanese Taiwan Oil Research brand (or other brands of the same level).
14 With the main motor overload protection function to prevent damage to the main power motor due to improper settings.
15 There is a safety guard on the inside of the movable hand to prevent personal injuries.
16 The control program has the function of automatic detection of errors to prevent illogical or wrong operation from damaging the machine.
17 A number of password protection functions are designed to prevent the program or processing data from being modified at will.
18 An emergency stop button is designed on both the movable foot switch and the controller for responding to emergencies at any time.
19 It has multi-program and mechanical limit protection device to prevent human error from crashing the automatic pipe bender machine.
20 It has an abnormal alarm sound.
21 There is a standard rear guide mold seat device for backup.
22 Equipped with adjustable anti-vibration feet to ensure stable operation of the machine.
23 Attached with the standard toolbox are the adjustment hand tools required for the machine and the machine operation manual in Chinese.
24 Motor voltage 380V 50HZ control box voltage AC 200V DC24V.

3.Electric control features and software control functions


Adopt Japanese MITSUBISHI large series PLC

10 - inch color touch human-machine screen , stable voltage and movable console for the operator to use for this automatic pipe bending machine. 

2 Equipped with a sound card, the abnormal alarm or input sound can still be heard in the noisy factory environment .
3 Standard display text: Chinese. (Other text can be changed according to needs)
4 200 sets of bending data can be accessed, and each set can be programmed with 30 bending data. (Scalable)
5 The memory storage time of the operation program and the pipe bending program is unlimited, and the program will not be lost due to power failure or long-term non-use.
6 Programs and data are equipped with user password setting functions. In addition to protecting data and preventing others from changing it arbitrarily, each data can be traced back to the person who modified it, which is convenient for data management.
7 While the machine is performing automatic processing, the controller is still available for inputting or editing programs.
8 With X.Y.Z coordinate value processing value and Y.B.C pipe bending processing value input and mutual conversion function, it is convenient for the operator to use. After the program is input, the length of the front end of the tube can be automatically calculated.
9 With the function of program mirroring, it can quickly obtain the symmetrical shape program of a pipe bending program.
10 With the program reverse function, it can quickly change to the program at the starting point of the other end.
11 During program editing, secondary program lines are provided for input of fine tuning correction values, and the original processing data is not lost due to multiple proofing and correction procedures.
12 The bending program can set a total of ten speeds of 0-9 individual movements for each axis in the machining step to flexibly apply to different work objects and improve work efficiency. An external speed knob is also provided to reduce or increase the processing speed as needed.
13 When automatic, it has the function of back-drawing and reciprocating feeding for switching to meet the processing needs of different pipe fittings.
1 4 Equipped with processing quantity counting function.
1 5 With metric/inch switching editing function, it is convenient for program input and reduces conversion time.
1 6 Using the absolute origin system, restart the machine every morning or after a break, and immediately enter the standby state without complicated procedures to find the origin of each axis.
17 The screen synchronously displays the position of each action axis of the machine and the change of bending angle.
18 While the machine is performing automatic processing, the controller can still input or edit programs, which is very time-saving.
19 During automatic processing, in case of a situation or an error occurs, the machine operation will be suspended. After the situation is eliminated, the machine can still choose to let the machine continue to complete the unfinished work of the pipe fitting, properly avoiding the waste of pipe fittings.
20 With Y-axis (feeding) automatic position inspection function, after setting the inspection accuracy, it can check whether the Y-axis position is deviated due to the extension of different pipe materials at any time during automatic processing, and timely find unqualified products in mass production.
21 With the function of Y (feeding) axis and C (bending) axis moving at the same time, Y axis automatically tracks the bending length of C axis, cooperates with the set tube elongation rate, avoids the pulling of the tube due to bending, and improves the accuracy.
22 The control program has the text display function of automatic detection of errors and countermeasures. The message of machine failure or illogical operation is directly displayed on the screen, and the repair method is explained to prevent human error from damaging the machine and relatively reduce the difficulty of maintenance. The above-mentioned automatic detection alarm message records can be automatically stored as a reference for future maintenance.
23 Automatic or manual mode setting function can be set according to the nature of the work, to set a variety of different working modes, such as whether there is a core, auxiliary push, single-step execution, etc., to improve production efficiency.
24 With multiple delay parameter settings, the most appropriate time difference can be set for each action axis to meet various bending change requirements.
25 With the automatic detection function of each button and circuit output/input board, it is easy to find out the location of possible faults.


4. Description of main purchased parts

Part Name Supplier
Controller PLC Mitsubishi
Software Wondery
Low voltage electrical appliances Schneider
Feeding electrical servo motor Mitsubishi
Feeding electrical servo driver Mitsubishi
Rotary tube electrical servo motor Mitsubishi
Rotary tube electrical servo driver Mitsubishi
Bending pipe electrical servo motor Mitsubishi
Bending Electric Servo Driver Mitsubishi
Oil pressure solenoid valve Taiwan Qiyang
Micro Switch OMRON
proximity switch Taiwan Tiande
Oil pressure pump Taiwan HYTAC
I/O output input board Wondery
Linear Guides Taiwan Hiwin
Ball screw rod Taiwan Hiwin
bearing NSK
Sealing element Taiwan Dingji
Bend reducer Taiwan RV or PHT
Pneumatic Components AirTAC
Notes: The supplier preserves the right of changing the component brand and model at the final stage of design, but the component quality is of same level or higher than the listed ones.


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