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VPI Vacuum Pressure Impregnation Equipment For Motor Insulation Treatment

VPI Vacuum Pressure Impregnation Equipment For Motor Insulation Treatment

VPI Vacuum Pressure Impregnation Equipment For Motor Insulation Treatment
VPI Vacuum Pressure Impregnation Equipment For Motor Insulation Treatment VPI Vacuum Pressure Impregnation Equipment For Motor Insulation Treatment

Large Image :  VPI Vacuum Pressure Impregnation Equipment For Motor Insulation Treatment

Product Details:
Place of Origin: Jiangsu, China (Mainland)
Brand Name: WONDERY
Certification: CE
Model Number: VPI
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Set
Price: Negotiable
Delivery Time: 90 Days
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T
Supply Ability: 100 Set/Sets per Year
Detailed Product Description
Name: Vpi Impregnation Type: Vacuum Impregnation Vpi Process
Effective Tank Size: Customized Working Pressure: 0.6Mpa Or Customized;
Vacuum Degree: 200Pa Or Customized Warranty: 12 Months
High Light:

VPI Vacuum Pressure Impregnation Equipment


Vacuum Pressure Motor Insulation Treatment


0.6 Mpa Vacuum Pressure Impregnation Equipment

VPI Vacuum Pressure Impregnation Equipment for Motor Insulation Treatment


1. Company Information


Our company is specialized in designing and manufacturing

industrial equipment, and providing excellent

pre-sales and post-sales service of various industrial machinery.

The company mainly supplies the following

products: VPI series vacuum pressure impregnation equipment,

FGH vacuum impregnation drying machine,

vacuum pressure impregnation equipment, water-curtain type

paint spraying chamber, assembly conveyance

line, energy-saving drying ovens, baking ovens, and others.

VPI Vacuum Pressure Impregnation Equipment For Motor Insulation Treatment 0


2. General Introduction

2.1 High vacuum pressurizing impregnating equipment is the

key equipment for insulation treatment of high voltage motors,

special anti-explosion motors, and transformers. The vacuum

impregnating treatment enhances the mechanical strength, insulation,

anti-moisture and anti-mold performance of the windings.

  • Installation, test-running and training are provided on the buyer’s site.
  • The foundation drawing is also provided.
  • Installation type: vertical.
  • Technical documents to be provided: qualification certificate, technical
  • features paper, main pressurized components material list, welding line
  • radiographic examination report, spare parts nondestructive examination
  • report, pressure vessel appearance and physical dimension test report,
  • welding test plate mechanics and curving performance examination report,
  • pressure test inspection report, inspection certificate of pressure vessel
  • product safety performance.
  • Manufacture standards: Steel Pressure Vessels GB150-1998; Welding
  • Specification for Steel Pressure Vessels JB/T4709-2000; Vacuum
  • System Design Standard JB/T7674-95.
  • sealing ring of the impregnating tank: air-filling type sealing ring.
  • other documents: bought-in components documents and electrical
  • components list; manual, foundation drawings, electrical diagram, process flow charts, etc.


3.Supply Scope

No. Item Qty
1 Vacuum impregnation tank 1 set (vertical type)
2 Resin storage tank 1 set (vertical type)
3 Vacuum system 1 set
4 Resin supply and return system 1 set
5 Hydraulic system 1 set
6 Chilling system 1 set
7 Heating system 1 set
8 Control and measurement system 1 set
9 Installation material 1 set


4.Technical Parameters

1. Vacuum Pressurizing Impregnating System

1.1pressurizing and impregnating cylinder, specification: customized;

1.2 working pressure: 0-0.6MPA (adjustable);

1.3 working vacuum degree: customized (usually 200Pa);

1.4 material: head: 16MnR; body: Q345-R; flange: Q-235-B forging parts;

1.5 The impregnating tank cover is opened and closed with the help of a hydraulic

mechanism. The opening, closing, locking, and unlocking are all driven by the

hydraulic cylinder. The movement signal is returned by non-contact proximity switch. The

tank opening angel is well designed so that the projection of the top point of cover casts

over the tank inner wall. In this way, when the tank cover is opened, the jobs could be

loaded into the tank easily.

1.6 The impregnating tank is equipped with overpressure alarm, and pressure safety device.

1.7 The impregnating tank is designed with one peephole light and one observation windows.

1.8 The impregnating tank is sealed by a silicon rubber ring.

1.9 The flange used for the impregnating tank is made of Q235-B forging parts.

1.10 When the impregnating tank cover is opened, the tank has safety interlock mechanism.

1.11 The tank inside is built with weight bearing stand which can bear a maximum weight of 30T.

1.12 The impregnation tank is equipped with the level transmitter.


2. Resin Storage System

2.1 insulation paint storage tank, specification: customized, 1 piece; installation type: vertical;

2.2 material for head: Q235-B; material for tank body: Q235-B; flange: Q235-B forging parts;

2.3 working vacuum: 8000-10000Pa;

2.4 The resin storage tank is designed with one peephole light and two observation windows.

2.5 This system is equipped with a mixer with speed at 25-36r/min. The motor and reducing

gear drives the paddle agitator. The mixer and its positioning devcie are easily installed.

2.6 The resin storage tank has heating and chilling function.

2.7 The tank body is designed with a 100mm coil which is filled with heating/chilling glycol

solution (condensation: 40%). The tank body is wrapped with heat preservation fiber and

stainless steel plate as cover plate.

2.8 The storage tank is equipped with the vacuum meter, the safety device, the magnetic

overturn level indicator, and low resin level alarm. The resin level is displayed on the

touch screen. When the storage tank is short of resin, the resin supply valve will be

closed automatically to prevent reverse shooting. The tank body is designed with the

temperature sensor to measure the resin temperature.

3. Vacuum System

3.1 This vacuum pumping system includes vacuum pumps, and necesssary parts.

3.2 max air suction speed: 1200L/S;

3.3 vacuum buffer system to prevent vapor from

coming into the vacuum unit.

3.4 The waste gas of the vacuum system first

goes through a mechanical trap condenser before

entering the atmosphere. The condensed liquid will be let out manually.

3.5 The vacuum valves used are of high vacuum pneumatic ones.

3.6 intelligent digital magnetic resistance vacuum meter, and absolute pressure


3.7 electrical contact vacuum meter, electrical contact pressure gauge.

3.8 circulation water tank, pump, valves and pipeline.

4. Hydraulic system

4.1 The hydraulic system is comprised of the hydraulic pump, oil tank, oil pipes,

motor and electro-magnetic valves.

4.2 design pressure: 16MPA, working pressure: ≤12MPa .

4.3 The hydraulic oil should be provided by the buyer.

4.4 The hydraulic mechanism is used to open, close, lock and unlock the

impregnating tank cover.

4.5 The hydraulic cylinder is set with anti-fall function, and its working speed

is adjustable.


5. Resin Supply and Returning System

5.1 Resin supply and returning process is conducted through the differential

pressure caused by the vacuum environment of the resin storage tank.

5.2 All the valves are high vacuum automatic pneumatic ball valves.

5.3 This system also includes seamless pipes, punched elbows, flanges,

and other standard parts.

5.4 The system adopts the fine and rough filtration 2-grade filter.

6. Pneumatic System

6.1 It is comprised of pneumatic triplet joints, pneumatic fittings, and solenoid valves.

6.2 Working pressure: 0.4-0.7Mpa.

6.3The air source for the valves and the impregnation tank are to be

provided by the customer.

6.4 The air source is provided by the customer.


7. Heating system

7.1 It is comprised of the electrical heater, the temperature sensor, valves, and the

pressure gauge.

7.2 Heater power: based on the size of the tank. The heater heats the circulation

water circulating in the jacket layer.

7.3 This system is used to keep the resin liquid within a certain temperature range.

7.4 The temperature is equipped with the automatic controller. There is also one

overtemperature alarm. When the actual temperature exceeds the limit valve, the

heater stops heating.


8.Chilling System

8.1 chilling machine, 1 set; power: 30Hp, 380v;

8.2 This system is comprised of the cold water tank, the pipe pump, the pressure

gauge, the expansion tank, the valves, and the pipes.

8.3 This system is used to cool the varnish storage tank and the condenser.

8.4 This system is used to cool the varnish. The heating system is in parallel

connection with the chilling system.

8.5 The ON/OFF and fault of the chilling system is shown on the touch screen.

And there is an automatic alarm on the touch screen when fault occurs.


9.Pressurizing system

9.1 Absorption dryer, 1 set;

9.2 air storage tank;

9.3 HMC precision filter, 1 set;

9.4 Air water separator, control valve, pressure gauge, pipeline, etc.

9.5 Controllable and adjustable when pressurized to 0.6MPa;


10.control system

10.1 control cabinet, 1 piece ( plastic-spraying coating); voltage: 380V, 3

phase, 50HZ;

220V, 1 phase;

10.2 PLC control and industrial computer control system ( both auto and

manual available);

PLC brand: Mitsubishi PLC;

10.3 industrial computer with 21 inch liquid

display (search and printing of vacuum degree, pressure, and resin level);

10.4 mouse operation. The touch screen is operation

friendly, and has both the operator access and manager access.

10.5 the touch screen could be connected with the printer (printer should be

prepared by customer). The touch screen has preserved this printer interface.

10.6 remote control level indicator. The resin level is monitored digitally all the

time by the control system.

10.7 Real-time recording and printing of product number and technical

parameters, parameter curves, process physical parameters: vacuum

degree - time, pressure - time, and resin level - time.

10.8 It can automatically collect and record vacuum and pressure, and has

memory function.

10.9 Display the vacuum degree, pressure and other parameters measured,

indicating the whole processing process. Store them in the form of time-pressure

and parameter curve on the computer hard disk. Keep records for a long time.

They can be inquired and printed at any time, and output user information in the

form of table (impregnation process parameters, time, operator number,

part number, etc.).

10.10 The power supply of the equipment adopts AC380V and 50HZ three-phase

four-wire system. All the main equipment and wires adopt high-quality brand

products to ensure safety and reliability.

10.11 The process of resin supplying and returning is automatic. When the fault

occurs, it can be switched to manual operation. When vacuum degree or pressure

exists in the tank, the hydraulic system doesn’t work when the operator closes

the tank cover.

10.12 It has necessary mechanical and electrical interlocking and alarm functions.

Prevent overpressure and artificial wrong operation.


11. Installation material

11.1 seamless steel pipe, 1 set;

11.2 standard flanges, and elbows;

11.3 various bolts;


12. Installation and Test Running

The seller is to provide on-site installation and test-running assistance to the seller.

The seller is also to provide the foundation drawing for the buyer.

Tools and facilities prepared by the buyer: electrical welding machine, cutting machine,

polishing machine, oxygen, acetylene, electricity, water.


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