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High Performance Metal Melting Furnaces Bag Type Dust Collector 1.5m / Min

High Performance Metal Melting Furnaces Bag Type Dust Collector 1.5m / Min

High Performance Metal Melting Furnaces Bag Type Dust Collector 1.5m / Min
High Performance Metal Melting Furnaces Bag Type Dust Collector 1.5m / Min High Performance Metal Melting Furnaces Bag Type Dust Collector 1.5m / Min

Large Image :  High Performance Metal Melting Furnaces Bag Type Dust Collector 1.5m / Min

Product Details:
Place of Origin: Jiangsu, China (Mainland)
Brand Name: WONDERY
Certification: CE
Model Number: WDL-DWC-120
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Set
Price: Negotiable
Delivery Time: 60 Days
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T
Supply Ability: 100 Set/Sets per Year
Detailed Product Description
Name: Dust Collector Air Volume: 17000m3/h
Efficiency Of Dust Collection: ≥99.5% Total Effective Filter Area: 15m2
Filter Speed ( Normal Operation): 1.5m/min Warranty Period: 13 Months
High Light:

Bag Type metal melting furnace


metal melting furnace Dust Collector


1.5m/min metal melting furnace

Latest Design High Performance Bag Type Dust Collector


1. Application

This equipment is for the treatment of high-temperature flue gas.

The treatment system adopts two-grade dust removal. The first grade

adopts high-efficiency dust collector, which is mainly used to treat the

coarse particle produced during melting in aluminum melting furnaces,

and has great cooling effect. The second grade adopts high-efficiency

pulse dust removal bag dust collector, which can filter the dust up to 99.5%,

meeting the national emission standard requirement. The treatment air

volume of the dust removal system is 17000 m3 / h.

Determination of the filter area of the dust collector: the filter wind speed is

1.5m/min, the filter area is 15m2, and the dust collector adopts pulse

anti condensation pulse bag filter.

2. Working Principle

2.1 The dust collector is of anti condensation pulse type dust collector.

2.2 The dust collector is of single row design, with 120 filter bags and a

total filtration area of 15m2.

2.3 The filter bag adopts the standard size of φ 130 × 2000, and the

material is anti condensation polyester needle felt.

2.4 The external filter type is adopted for the dust collector, and the filter

bag of the dust collector is connected with the riffled plate by the spring

expansion ring, forming the separation between the air and the dusty gas.

2.5 The pulse signal is sent to the pulse solenoid valve by the pulse controller,

and the pulse solenoid valve ejects compressed air to make the filter

bag radial deformation and shake off dust.

2.6 There is an access door on the top of the dust collector, which is used

for maintenance and bag change (the maintenance, repair and bag change

of the dust collector can be carried outside the machine, without entering

the inside of the dust collector).

2.7 The electric control cabinet of the dust collector adopts the structure of

sealed door, which is dust-proof, and waterproof.

2.8 In order to prevent the high temperature of flue gas entering the dust

remover, a temperature measuring point is set on the dust remover pipe.

The temperature indicator is installed at the operation point of the furnace and

equipped with an alarm device to remind the operator that the temperature

rise of the dust remover is too high and take fresh air supplement measure

to ensure the safe operation of the whole dust removal system.

2.9 fan selection: according to the design air volume of the system, 1 set of

G4-73-10D boiler induced draft fan is adopted, with single total pressure of

3251-3018pa, air volume of 25566-32083m3 / h, motor of Y150M-4 and

power of 18.5kw.

2.10 system control: according to the process requirements of the system,

a control cabinet is set for the dust collector and temperature control system

to control the pulse dust cleaning system and temperature monitoring of the

dust collector, and the main fan is started by frequency converter.

3. Equipment Features


3.1 Anti condensation pulse bag filter is a kind of unit combined dust removal

equipment with large air volume, low filtering wind speed, good dust removal

effect, high dust removal efficiency, reliable operation, convenient maintenance

and small floor area. Modular production, stable quality.


3.2 Working principle: The dust collector is composed of upper box, middle

box, ash hopper, guide plate, support, filter bag component, injection device,

protection system, control system, etc. The dusty gas enters the ash hopper

through the diversion pipe. Under the guidance of the diversion system of the

ash hopper, the large particle dust directly falls into the ash hopper after

separation, and the rest of the dust enters the filtering area of the middle box

with the air flow. The filtered clean gas is discharged through the upper box

and the exhaust pipe through the filter bag. With the progress of the filtering

condition, when the dust on the surface of the filter bag reaches a certain

amount, the dust cleaning control device will open the electromagnetic pulse

valve for injection according to the set procedure to shake off the dust on the

filter bag. The dust falling into the ash hopper is discharged through the ash

discharge valve.

3.3 The filter area and length can be adjusted. The quantity of filter-bag can

be changed to adapt to the needed air volume.

3.4 The anti-condensation pulse bag filter is an external filter. The

dust-containing gas is outside the filter bag while the clean air is inside the

filter bag, and the bag mouth is upward. Start pulse jetting making the bag

radial deformation, and shake off the dust.

3.5 The dust collector adopts the online ash cleaning method.

3.6 The secondary air distribution method is adopted to let the dust-laden

air flow into the filter area through the guide pipe and the air distribution

system, which ensures the uniformity and smoothness of the unit air intake,

so as to improve the utilization ratio of the filter area and the service life of

the filter material.

3.7 The filter bag adopts the spring expansion ring type with a good sealing

performance and a fast replacement speed. Open the top cover and

replace the bag by 1-2 people.

3.8 The bag framework adopts a star-shaped structure (10 ribs) with a

η-shaped cold stamping short pipe on the top to ensure the vertical

positionof the bag frame and to protect the safety of the filter bag mouth

during injection. It avoids the filter bag sticking after the dust collector works

for a period of time, ensures the smooth change of the bag, and reduces the

damage to the bag in the process of changing the bag.

3.9 The dust collector adopts a removable roof and a platform for maintenance

and escalator, which is convenient for personnel to overhaul, use and manage.


4. Key components

4.1 For the whole dust collector, the filter bag and electromagnetic pulse

valve are the key components.

4.2 The quality of the filter material directly affects the dust removal efficiency

of the dust collector, and the life of the filter bag directly affects the operation

cost of the dust collector. Therefore, the anti condensation polyester needle

felt is selected according to the operation environment and medium conditions

of the dust collector. This filter material is surface filtering material, which can

clean the dust thoroughly, reducing the possibility of dust hardening after dust

is distributed on the surface of the filter bag, and the filter material has a long life.

In addition, we have improved the structure of the dust collector to ensure that

the service life of the filter material is not less than two years.

4.3 The imported diaphragm is selected for the electromagnetic pulse valve,

and the injection pressure is 0.5-0.7mpa. The diaphragm is durable, and its

service life is more than 1 million times, which meets the requirements

of efficient operation of the pulse solenoid valve.


5. Technical Parameter

No. Item Unit Parameter
1 Air volume m3/h 17000
3 Efficiency of dust collection  ≥99.5
4 Total effective filter area m2 15
5 Filter speed ( normal operation) m/min 1.5
6 Filter-bag specification mm φ130×2000
7 Quantity of filter-bag for dust collector pc 120
8 Material of filter-bag   polyester needle felt with singeing and pressing
9 Inlet gas temperature   ≦100℃
10 Equipment resistance Pa 1200
11 Pulse valve quantity pc 12



6.Post Sales Service

Product warranty period: 13 months from the date of shipment. The seller is

responsible for repairing the equipment or replacing the broken parts if faults

are caused by manufacture defects, but damages caused by faulty operation

by the workers are to be repaired by the buyer itself or by the seller at a certain

rate of charge. (Easy-worn parts, and natural consumption of high temperature

parts are not included in the warranty.)

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